Fuel the Cure Marketing Tool Kit

Why promote Fuel the Cure? 

Fuel the Cure is a campaign special to Nebraska that raises money for breast cancer research and educates drivers about healthier fuel options using ethanol. Nebraska is also the No. 2 producer of ethanol in the country! 


Fuel the Cure kicks off Oct. 1 every year and participating retailers will donate 3 cents toward cancer research and services within the state for every gallon of higher ethanol blend sold between Oct. 1-31. In the past five years, Fuel the Cure has raised more than $45K. 


Ethanol-Blended Gasoline: Good for You, Good for the Environment

Gasoline blended with ethanol isn’t just a cleaner fuel; it’s healthier for you and the environment. Traditional gasoline contains toxic aromatics, such as BTEX, which make up 25% of a gallon of gas. These aromatics pose health risks when inhaled at the pump, from vehicle exhaust, and as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Ethanol, with its high-octane value, allows oil refiners to reduce aromatic content in gasoline by at least 5%. This percentage increases significantly when using higher ethanol blends like E15 and E30. As the No. 2 producer of ethanol in the nation, Nebraska is leading the way in providing eco-friendly fuel options.


Fuel the Cure Press Release

Fueled by Nebraska will lead the promotion of Fuel the Cure via its website and Facebook page. The 49 Fuel the Cure gas stations will also be promoting the campaign, as well as Nebraska’s ethanol producers. We encourage you to share content on your organization’s platforms from Fueled by Nebraska and its partner pages.


  • When posting on social platforms, be sure that each post includes a visual element of some kind (video, infographic, photo, or other image).

  • The following hashtag(s) are associated with Fuel the Cure: #FueltheCure #ChooseEthanol

Fuel the Cure logo

Fuel the Cure social media headers

Fuel the Cure partner websites

Fuel the Cure Point of Sale marketing materials for fuel retailers

Fuel the Cure Cancer Crusader materials for ethanol producers


Fuel the Cure graphics

This Fuel the Cure toolkit contains information and resources to push out and amplify your message about healthier fuel options with ethanol. If you have questions, comments, or want to share pictures and examples of your promotion, please email Jessica.