Renewable fuels, like ethanol made from field corn, and biodiesel made from soybeans, reduce greenhouse gases and tailpipe emissions that warm the planet and are harmful for your health.

May is typically the kick-off to the summer driving season and has historically been a time Nebraska’s renewable fuels industries have come together to highlight the importance of clean-burning biofuel options.

This is also a time when local biofuels organizations work together to promote biofuels, including the Nebraska Ethanol BoardRenewable Fuels NebraskaNebraska Corn Board, and Nebraska Soybean Board.

How can you promote Renewable Fuels Month? 

  • Fuel up with ethanol and biodiesel! Learn about the right blend for your vehicle and find retailers near you at and
  • Celebrate at school. Biofuels touch on many areas of learning, including science, agriculture, technology, careers, public buildings, role playing, math and environmentalism.
  • Enter our Renewable Fuels Month student contests!
  • Share the Renewable Fuels Month press release, the webpage, and other social posts from Nebraska biofuel organizations.
  • Create social media posts or in-person events that educate about filling up with ethanol and biodiesel.
  • Include information about Renewable Fuels Month in emails to parents or the community. Use the Renewable Fuels Month toolkit to help craft it.
  • Hang this poster and/or this poster around the school. 
  • Ask students/employees to share these posters with their community connections.
  • Tell your local chambers, city offices, fuel retailers, and other organizations you are participating and see how your community can collaborate!
  • Receive emails about Renewable Fuels Month 

Important Renewable Fuels Month Dates

Enter the Renewable Fuels Month Coloring Contest for students K-5 and A Lesson in Biofuels contest for middle and high school classrooms. Click here for details. 

Biofuels education is for all ages! Learn Ethanol 101 (how it’s made, where it’s made, how ethanol impacts Nebraska, etc.) and find lesson plans for your classroom